Strategy Senior Manager/Associate (HCM)


  1. Working environment is modern, professional, dynamic, friendly, with many conditions, learning and advancing
  2. Good income and treatment. Bonus on the following occasions: Holidays, New Year, birthday, 13th, end of the year, seniority, diligence, ...
  3. Annual travel regime: from 1-2 times / year at home and abroad, annual health check-ups.
  4. Fully participate in health insurance, social insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with regulations and other benefits according to the provisions of the labor law.
  5. Having the opportunity to go on business abroad to participate in industry fairs and partners
  6. Welcome the dedicated staff, long-term commitment to the Company.
  7. The company has a policy to invest in training and improving human resources skills in future management positions.

Team & Role

  1. Team Mission: building organizational capacity and enabling our internal business partners to drive results through objective analysis, keen operational insights and strong project management
  2. Wide project scope may include the following (not all included): sales and go-to-market strategy, sales optimization, corporate strategy, cross-unit R&D process integration, new market entry strategy, talent analytics
  3. Structure and solve business problems, collaborating and coordinating with a range of internal stakeholders to make recommendations
  4. Develop rigorous, fact-based, quantitative analysis with an eye towards operational reality, strategic and financial soundness to support recommendations
  5. Collaborate closely with functional and geographical teams as a strategic business partner, bringing analytical support and project management capabilities to build their capacity
  6. Communicate analysis and recommendations to senior management, functional and geographical unit leaders in a clear, concise, and impactful way
  7. Occasional travel (<20%) for information-gathering and project implementation
  8. Senior Manager role will lead team comprised of 3 - 5 members from strategy/consulting, operations and analytics backgrounds
  9. Reporting to CEO (Stanford alum, ex-growth stage tech investor w/ U.S.-based US$1.5B fund) until Finance Director search is complete (reporting to CEO will become secondary)


  1. Analytical strength. You're data-driven, whether that's quantitative or qualitative (and you have a sense of the strength and weaknesses of different methods), and you care about embedding the same mentality in the organization. You're aware when to see the forest (macro), and when to see the trees (micro). You like ambiguous questions but understand structuring inquiries well matter, and asking the right questions is a strong start.
  2. Strong interpersonal communication skills. You'll be interfacing with senior management, BOD, as well as frontline team members across functions. You'll present to senior management one day and shadow frontline salespeople the next.
  3. Highly organized & strong project management skills. You'll be driving cross-functional analysis and improvement projects across varying timelines, with many moving pieces. Best to stay organized and keep your eyes on the prize.
  4. Proficient in English. While internal stakeholders will all be Vietnamese-speaking for now, English is necessary to access knowledge/data from outside, and for new market analysis projects.
  5. Coaching & growth-oriented mindset. You'll coach and be coached, and have a constant thirst for learning.
  6. Strong business acumen with (nice to have) prior industry exposure in distribution (traditional trade-heavy distribution models in FMCG, construction materials), logistics, and/or manufacturing. You'll need an instinct for business and how the various parts make up the whole, and it doesn't hurt to get how the pieces work in an industry or company similar to ours :).
  7. Other previous roles/industries that would be helpful: management/strategy/HR consulting, salesforce effectiveness / commercial excellence, data analytics, among others


Degree: College or higher

Age: 30 - 45

Work Location: Nanoco Building, 675-677 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact information:

Application deadline: April 6, 2021

Send CV to email: with title: Vacancy - Full name of candidate

Example: Strategy Senior Manager/Associate (HCM) - Nguyen Van A

Contact person: Anh Thành

Contact email:

Phone: 1900 6711

Company address: 675-677 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District

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