Air handling equipment Panasonic F-JPU70A

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1. Description

Panasonic's civil electrical appliances like ventilating fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, air purifiers, water heaters, hand dryers, water pumps, Vv. operate with high performance and durable operation. Belgium brings the best quality of life to users.

2. Specifications

Filter technologyElectrolysis of salt in water to produce hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Area (m2)92 (**
Air modeHighMediumLow
Air volume (m3/min)742
Power Consumption (W)723120
Noise (DB)493720
Continuous operation time when water tank is full (*)9.61422.6
Capacity of containers (l)Approx. 7.8 (Real capacity: 7.0)
FilterDirt filter (2 years) / Disinfection filter (5 years) / Anti-mildew unit (5 years)
IndicatorsMore water indicator / Drain indicator /
Status indicator/Salt charge confirmation indicator/
Electrode change indicator/
Indicates when it's time to clean the machine
Other functionsAutomatically clean the inside of the machine
Child lockYes
Dimensions (C x R x S) [mm]730 x 510 x 307
Product weight (kg)17

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 Air handling equipment Panasonic F-JPU70A