Pipe support clamp Nanoco

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1. Description

With more than 30 years of experience, Nanoco has built itself a position in the hearts of consumers by providing construction electrical equipment products such as electrical cabinets, electrical testers, sockets,... high quality,beautiful design and competitive price.

2. Specifications

Products meet BS EN 61386-22:2004 + A11:2010 standards

ModelDiameter Ø (mm)Packinging
NPA1616Pipe support clamp 16100 pcs/bag, 3,000 pcs/carton
NPA1620 Pipe support clamp 20100 pcs/bag, 3,000 pcs/carton
NPA1625Pipe support clamp 25100 pcs/bag, 2,000 pcs/carton
NPA1632Pipe support clamp 30100 pcs/bag, 1,000 pcs/carton
FPA1640Pipe support clamp 4050 pcs/bag

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 Pipe support clamp Nanoco