Distribution Box Panasonic

SKU:BQDX08T11AV Vendor: Panasonic
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1. Description

All equipment such as electrical cabinets, switchgear and safety protection,... are standardized according to international production lines, ensuring compliance with regulations, quality commitments and safety standards on Panasonic's strict electrical.

2. Specifications

Mã sốColorModulesDimensions of the wall
RxCxS (mm)
PVC pipe parameters
BQDX08T11AVWhite8230 x 220 x 9514222
BQDX08G11AVMetallic gold
BQDX12T11AVWhite10302 x 220 x 95-6522
BQDX12G11AVMetallic gold
BQDX16T11AVWhite12374 x 220 x 95-7622
BQDX16G11AVMetallic gold

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 Distribution Box Panasonic
 Distribution Box Panasonic