Electromagnetic stove Panasonic KY-C227E/ KY-A227E

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1. Description

Panasonic's civil electrical appliances like ventilating fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, air purifiers, water heaters, hand dryers, water pumps, Vv. operate with high performance and durable operation. Belgium brings the best quality of life to users.

2. Specifications

Top face colorGrayBlack
Body colorBlackBlack
Dimensions (mm)742(D)*400(R)*107(C) 742(D)*400(R)*99©
Hole size (mm)710(D)*368®
Power in3,200W - 16A
Capacity (max)LeftRightLeftRight
Thermostat level3,200W3,200W3,200W3,200W
Infrared sensor9999
Automatic cooking menuYesYesYesYes
Heat level display ringFry in a pan with little oil/
Fry a pan with lots of oil
Maximum capacity increaseYesYesNoNo
ECONAVI TechnologyNoYesNoNo
Temperature displayNumberNumber
Safety lockYesYes
High temperature indicator lightYesYes
Auto-off modeYesYes
Timer1 minute to 9:30
Set upConcealed/Floor mountedConcealed

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 Electromagnetic stove Panasonic KY-C227E/ KY-A227E
 Electromagnetic stove Panasonic KY-C227E/ KY-A227E