Indirect water heater Panasonic DH-30HBMVW

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1. Description

Panasonic's civil electrical appliances like ventilating fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, air purifiers, water heaters, hand dryers, water pumps, Vv. operate with high performance and durable operation. Belgium brings the best quality of life to users.

2. Specifications

SpecificationsCapacity (liter)30
Input power (V)220
Power (kW)2.5
Water pressure [max] (Mpa)0.75
Highest temperature (ºC)75
Boiling time [approx.] (minutes)60
Machine bodyColorWhite
LED indicator light is boiling waterYes
Weight (kg)10
Dimension (C x R x S)323x704x310
MaterialIntestinesStainless steel from Japan
Burner stickCopper
Insulating materialsStyrofoam sucker
Water inlet - outlet waterCopper
SafetyBuilt-in anti-shock ELBYes
Automatic thermal cut-offYes
Stainless steel tankYes
Anti-spray body shellIPX4
Insulation structureYes
Non-flammable material complianceYes

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 Indirect water heater Panasonic DH-30HBMVW