Induction cooker + ga cooker Teka 112570116

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1. Description

Electromagnetic stoves, gas stoves, and combined stoves Teka are products of a brand from Spain, highly appreciated by consumers for their quality, durability, aesthetic and modern design.

2. Specifications

  • Induction cooker with built-in gas combination
  • Sliding touch controls for induction hobs and knobs for gas stove
  • 3 cooking zones: 2 magnetic zones + 1 gas zone
  • Separate settings for each cooking zone
  • Pot bottom detection function
  • Safety gas shut-off system
  • Cast iron stove bracket, electric ignition
  • 9 levels of fire control for gas stoves
  • Maximum gas capacity 4KW
  • Maximum electromagnetic power 3.5KW
  • Accessories included: Gas detector
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 Induction cooker + ga cooker Teka 112570116